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24/7 Response Center

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Circle of Safety - 1 Member

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You get the KATANA Safety Wallet FREE with all memberships and your monthly membership cost gives you access to the following KATANA Safety App features:

Basic Premium
KATANA Safety Wallet Your Choice of KATANA Safety Wallet
24/7 Response Center Trained proffessionals who can help in any situation great or small
Emergency Dispatch Dispatch Emergency Services, if need, to your precise location
Circle of Safety Group of trusted friends or family who may be contacted, with your location, in the event of an emergency
Circle of Safety Members # of members available to add to your Circle of Safety 1 7
Unlimited Walk with Me ® Have an agent on the phone with you when your anxious or in an uncomfortable situation
Circle Conference Call Circle of Safety members are connected to each other via an automatic conference call in the event of an emergency in order coordinate and assist
Siri Voice Activiation Start any type of alarm with only your voice
Custom Panic Tones Your choice of panic tones
Annual Device Uprade New device with active subscription at your request after your annaul renewal